Residual stress, retained austenite, grinding burn and heat treat defect detection

Stresstech Group provides equipment and solutions based on Barkhausen effect, X-ray diffraction and hole-drilling for studying

  • grinding burns,
  • heat treat defects,
  • hardness changes,
  • residual stresses,
  • retained austenite contents,
  • etc.

or for controlling the quality of  

  • grinding,
  • heat treating,
  • shot peening or
  • machining of

camshafts, crankshafts, ball bearings, gears, valves, etc.

Your benefits of our products

  • Nondestructive quality inspection
  • Immediate response of the quality
  • Easy and fast quality and process control
  • Measurement reports for quality verification
  • Statistics
  • Production control and fast adjustments

As a result you:

  • save in warranty and reclamation costs and image loss
  • improve quality and product performance
  • get longer product lifetime
  • understand your process and product
  • get a tool for R & D
  • get rid of consumables used in nital etching
  • fast return on investment

Stresstech products based on Barkhausen noise, X-ray diffraction and hole-drilling are nondestructive or semi-destructive products providing information about the manufacturing processes. This information can quickly and easily be used for adjusting the manufacturing process and for preventing defected products of going to the final use.

Engine components